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Young Winston


In YOUNG WINSTON, Academy Award winning director Richard Attenborough (Gandhi - 1982) chronicles the tumultuous rise of one of the greatest public figures of the 20th century - and one of its most complex private men. Vain, rebellious and fiercely ambitious, Churchill (Simon Ward) is the product of the stormy union between Lord Randolph (Robert Shaw), a political failure, and haughty, Brooklyn-born Lady Jennie (Anne Bancroft). Alienated from them, young Winston pours all his energies into winning love through achievement. Starting as a war correspondent in India, he later becomes a hero in South Africa during the Boer War, before eventually launching a political career which carries him into the halls of Parliament. YOUNG WINSTON presents a gloriously epic testament to this great man.


Format: DVD
Genre: True Story
Rating: G
Release Date: 04 11 2020
Production Year: 1972
Run Time: 155
Languages: English
Rating Advice: General Exhibition
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Richard Attenborough

Actors: Simon Ward, Anne Bancroft, Robert Shaw, John Mills, Jack Hawkins, Ian Holm, Anthony Hopkins, Patrick Magee, Edward Woodward

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