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Why Do We Shake In The Cold?

Expect an exemplary debut record that intricately explores themes of identity, emotion and the importance of human connection, presenting Elderbrook as a unique artist in the crossover electronic space making emotive, uplifting music with a sensitive storytelling element attached to it. Speaking on the album narrative, he quotes; 'This album is about people needing people and human interaction. The title plays on the idea that we shiver in the cold to let other people know that we need them close. That we show we are sad to let others know we need them. Sonically, the album brings my sound back to a more indie/alternative world than I've been in a while. Still taking my love of electronic music but mixing it together with music styles I started with and that I've always been inspired by'.


1~2~I’M A Fool
1~3~My House
1~4~Take A Minute
1~5~All My Love
1~6~Something About You (With Rudimental)
1~7~Down By The Bay
1~8~Back To My Bed
1~9~Set Fire To My Gun
1~10~Why Do We Shake In The Cold?
1~11~Next December


Format: CD
Artist: Elderbrook
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Dance & Electronic
Label: PLG UK Frontline
Distributor: Inertia Music

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