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Water Rats Series Collection


Welcome to the world of Water Rats. A compelling high-suspense police action drama series set against the magnificent backdrop of Sydney Harbour; Water Rats tackles some of the most sinister and treacherous crimes. 'Water Rats' are the elite squad of brave men and women fighting crime and guarding Sydney's harbour and waterways from the grip of the seedy underworld. Their job is not a pretty one, constantly drawn into the world of drug hauls, accidents, suicides and murders. Join in the action as the Water Rats team and the formidable detective duo of Jack Christey (Steve Bisley) and Alex St Clare (Dee Smart) experience moments of triumph, heartbreak and thrilling races against time.


Format: DVD
Genre: Australian
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 13 09 2023
Production Year: 1996
Distributor: 7170
Directors: English
Rating Advice: Strong Drug Use
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Peter Andrikidis, Geoff Bennett, Tim Burstall, Russell Burton

Actors: Steve Bisley, Dee Smart, Aaron Pederson, Brett Partridge, Jay Laga'aia

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