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Isengard was the solo-project started in 1989 by Fenriz - one the key driving forces behind Norwegian legends Darkthrone - because he had many musical ideas to explore that didn't strictly fit in with the style and music of Darkthrone. Under the Isengard moniker, Fenriz released 2 albums, 'Vinterskugge' & 'H?stm?rke'. 'Vinterskugge' consists of 3 separate recordings made between 1989 & 1993, and contains a whole multitude of styles, including doom, rock, folk, death, black & Viking metal. Vinterskugge also demonstrated Fenriz?s breadth of vocal styles, lending an epic edge to many of the tracks. This mid-price CD edition of 'Vinterskugge' is presented in jewel case packaging.


1~1~Gjennom Skogen Til Blaafjellene [05:51]
1~2~Ut I Vannets Dyp Hvor Morket Huiler [04:15]
1~3~Dommedagssalme [04:58]
1~4~In The Halls And Chambers Of Stardust
1~5~The Crystallic Heavens Open [02:33]
1~6~Fanden Lokker Til Stupet (Nytrad) [02:42]
1~7~Naglfar [05:26]
1~8~Thy Gruesome Death [02:12]
1~9~Deathcult [01:53]
1~10~Rise From Below [03:04]
1~11~Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth [02:27]
1~12~Trollwandering (Outro) [01:25]
1~13~The Fog [04:32]
1~14~Storm Of Evil [05:57]
1~15~Bergtrollets Gravferd [04:50]
1~16~Our Lord Will Come [05:48]


Format: CD
Artist: Isengard
Release Date: 02 July 2020
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Rocket Group

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