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Uprize! | Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1LP (140g) Reverse Board Gatefold Cover with Custom M3H Inner Sleeve The trombone, violin, and electronically warped vocals resemble futuristicR&B one moment, Sun Ra at his most spacebound the next - Best Experimental Albums of 2019 on Pitchfork. A spellbinding mix of spiritual jazz and New Age that pays homage to black South African culture - Album of the day Bandcamp. South African experimentalists SPAZA sound equal parts incantation and cosmic message, with shades of Arthur Russell in their rolling congas and staccato strings. A trip, for sure - The Quietus. This new SPAZA release is the original motion picture soundtrack of the film UPRIZE!



Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Spaza
Release Date: 16 October 2020
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Label: K7/Mushroom Hour Half Hour
Distributor: MGM Music

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