Glen Innes NSW, Top Gun, Movie, Action/Adventure, Blu Ray

"From the Producers of Beverly Hills Cop and Flashdance"

Top Gun takes a look at the danger and excitement that awaits every pilot at the Navy's prestigious fighter weapons school. Tom Cruise is superb as Pete Maverick Mitchell, a daring young flyer who's out to become the best of the best. And Kelly McGillis sizzles as the civilian instructor who teaches Maverick a few things you can't learn in a classroom.


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Action, Drama
Rating: PG
Release Date: 25 08 2021
Production Year: 1986
Distributor: 110
Languages: Cantonese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Rating Advice: Mild Coarse Language And Sexual References
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution
Directors: Tony Scott

Actors: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, Meg Ryan

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