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Therapy With Colour

Therapy With Colour is the Constellation debut by Montr al-based producer and sound artist T. Gowdy, who has released three prior albums of exquisitely textured, predominantly ambient electronic music. Inspired by experiments with the Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine (among the best-known home hypnosis 'mind machine' devices), Therapy With Colour is Gowdy's most sonically and conceptually acute solo work yet. Steering clear of gauzy New Age tropes, the techno-adjacent pulse and rhythms reward active listening while serving equally well as immersive concentration music. Therapy With Colour is available on deluxe 180gram vinyl (which includes a 12' x 24' art print poster) and CD, both versions featuring scanner artwork by light artist Laura Buckley.


1~1~Therapy With Colour
1~2~Depse 08:04
1~3~Up Ctrl 03:26
1~4~No Wave II 05:48
1~5~Excavating Air 04:27


Format: CD
Artist: Gowdy, T.
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Rocket Group

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