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The Wholly Other

Growing up in suburban Florida, Allegra Krieger was raised staunchly Catholic. Although she was encouraged to pursue a consecrated life, she chose a different path, dissociating from religion. The following years brought continual transitions of personhood and place, and like memory itself, Krieger's personal growth ebbs and flows across The Joys of Forgetting. From housekeeping at a Death Valley motel to tree-planting in Georgia, Allegra came to understand the value of leaving something behind, while embracing the idea of forgetting as a relief. And though Krieger makes a strong case with her Joys of Forgetting, her songs leave a lasting imprint that's a pleasure to recall over and over again. Her debut LP is a collection of introspective, acoustic songcraft for fans of progressive folk artists like Big Thief, Laura Marling, and Fiona Apple.


1~1~Hippie On A Slab
1~2~Two Masters
1~3~Death Station Of The Goddess
1~4~One Way Trip
1~5~Pink Bolt
1~6~Teetering On The Edge


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Black Helium
Release Date: 07 August 2020
Genre: Rock
Label: SRD/Riot Season
Distributor: MGM Music

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