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The Virginian Season 4-6 : Collection 2

"With every hoofbeat, history is made."

The Virginian became a cult classic with a huge fan base all over the world. The series centered on a foreman, played by James Drury, who went by the name The Virginian; his real name was never revealed in the nine years the show was on the air. The series took place in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, and revolved around The Virginian's quest to maintain an orderly lifestyle for the ranch he worked on, which was called Shiloh Ranch. This 29-disc collection brings together Seasons 4-6.


Format: DVD
Rating: TBA
Release Date: 14 12 2022
Production Year: 1965
Run Time: 6536
Languages: English
Rating Advice: To Be Confirmed
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Bette Davis, James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, George C. Scott, Robert Redford, Peter Deuel, Leonard Nimoy, Julie Sommars, Kurt Russell

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