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The Sophia Loren Collection Vol 2


THE SOPHIA LOREN COLLECTION TWO includes 4 films starring the beautiful Italian screen siren Sophia Loren. Films Include: That Kind Of Woman (1959) - In 1944, on a Miami to New York train, two paratroopers on furlough meet and fall in love with two 'kept women' who are on their way to meet their 'sugar-daddies'. A Breath Of A Scandal (1960) - Princess Olympia (Sophia Loren), despite her life status cannot resist the urge to satisfy her sexual appetites. Exiled to the countryside, Olympia falls in love with American millionaire Charlie Foster (John Gavin). Judith (1966) - A beautiful woman who survived a concentration camp goes to Israel in 1948 to track down her Nazi husband who betrayed her. A Countess From Hong Kong (1967) - In Hong Kong, the ambassador returning to America meets the Russian countess, a refugee without a passport, who decides to hide in his cabin. Directed by Charlie Chaplin.


Format: DVD
Rating: PG
Release Date: 22 07 2020
Production Year: 1959
Run Time: 418
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Sexual References
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Sophia Loren

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