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The New Worst Witch Complete Series

"Hettie Hubble is the New Worst Witch enrolling for her first term at the witches' training academy."

Based on the best selling books by Jill Murphy and conceived long before the stories of another famous magic school this series follows on from the adventures of Mildred (Georgina Sherrington), the original Worst Witch, and sees her 11 year old cousin Hettie Hubble enrolling for her first term at the witches' training academy. Hettie (Alice Connor) has heard endless tales of drama and excitement at the school and dreams of being the best witch the Academy has ever seen. But Hettie's problem is her enthusiasm she wants to fly before she can hover! Deep down, Hettie does want to behave, but she can't stand injustice, and sees nothing wrong with speaking her mind when necessary... The New Worst Witch gives a whole new meaning to school life, where the chemistry classroom is a potions lab full of green, smelly, bubbling concoctions, there's no school bus everyone flies a broomstick, and learning to spell takes on a whole new meaning.


Format: DVD
Rating: G
Release Date: 22 03 2023
Production Year: 2005
Run Time: 642
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Very Mild Impact
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Indra Bhose, Bill Britten, Andrew Gunn

Actors: Caroline O'Neill, Georgina Sherrington, Alice Connor, Stephanie Lane, Francesca Isherwood, Clare Coulter, Anabel Barnston, Paislie Reid, Elizabeth Bower, Daisy Hughes, Narisha Lawson, Dominique Jackson, Ian Lindsay, Indra Ov, Roger Brierley, Renny Lister, James Lailey, Tom Thurgood, David Groves, Cameron Crighton, Paul Mohan, Lizzy McInnerny, Charlotte Harding-Jeans, Mia Alcott

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