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The Limey

"Vengeance knows no boundaries."

Released between two of his most wildly successful films, OUT OF SIGHT (1998) and ERIN BROCKOVICH (2000), Steven Soderbergh's moody neo-noir thriller THE LIMEY remains one of the directors most criminally underseen gems. British ex-con Wilson (a simmering Terence Stamp) travels to Los Angeles searching for answers surrounding the death of his daughter, Jenny (Australia's Melissa George). Written off as an accident by the police, Wilson believes none of it and sets his sights on her one-time paramour, music producer Terry Valentine (a sublimely sleazy Peter Fonda) and his sleazy fixer, the brilliant Barry Newman (VANISHING POINT) as persons of interest. Propelled on an increasingly brutal search for the truth, Wilson traverses the seedy underbelly of the City Of Angels hellbent on revenge with the help of ex-con, Ed (Luis Guzmn) and washed up actress, Elaine (Lesley Ann Warren) but is Valentine really the man responsible or is the guilty party hiding closer to home?


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Thriller
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 09 11 2022
Production Year: 1999
Run Time: 88
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Medium Level Coarse Language| Medium Level Violence
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Steven Soderbergh

Actors: Terence Stamp, Lesley Ann Warren, Luis Guzman, Barry Newman, Peter Fonda

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