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The Hollow Crown Season 1-2 Collection


The Hollow Crown: Season One These stunning adaptations tell the story of three kings, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V and their epic battle for survival. Shakespeare's epic yet intimate plays are filmed in the visually breathtaking landscape and architecture of the period. Starring Ben Whishaw, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons, these rich films feature some of Shakespeare's most memorable and powerful language. Guest stars include Patrick Stewart, John Hurt and Julie Walters. Directed and Produced by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Sky Fall). The Hollow Crown: Season Two - The Wars of the Roses These three screen adaptations, Henry VI in two parts and Richard III, tell the story of "The Wars of the Roses", an exceptionally turbulent period in British history. Shakespeare's plays are filmed in the visually breathtaking landscape and architecture of the period. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Bonneville, Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Sally Hawkins, Sophie Okonedo & Tom Sturridge, these exhilarating and emotionally charged films feature some of Shakespeareâ??s most eloquent and powerful language.


Format: DVD
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 22 03 2023
Production Year: 2012
Run Time: 885
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Sexual References| Strong Themes And Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Dominic Cooke, Richard Eyre, Rupert Goold, Thea Sharrock

Actors: Anton Lesser, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Georgeson, John MacKay, Tom Hiddleston, Sophie Okonedo, James Laurenson, Tom Sturridge, Julie Walters, Alun Armstrong, Will Attenborough, Conrad Asquith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Daniels, Adrian Dunbar, Alan David, Ian Conningham, James Fleet, Phoebe Fox, David Dawson, Drew Dillon, Michelle Dockery, Barney Harris, Henry Faber, Keeley Hawes, Stuart McQuarrie, John Heffernan, Ben Miles, Matthew Needham, Jeremy Irons, Lucy Robinson, Paul Ritter, Stanley Townsend, Maxine Peake, Jo Stone-Fewings, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Dominic Rowan, Jason Watkins, Matthew Tennyson, Sam Troughton, Samuel Valentine, Al Weaver, Jamie Ballard, David Bradley, Edward Akrout, Josef Altin, Tom Beard, Simon Armstrong, Tom Brooke, Joe Armstrong, Richard Bremmer, Max Bennett, Isaac Andrews, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniel Boyd, John Ashton, Hugh Bonneville, Paul Bazely, Archie Bradfield, Peter De Jersey, David Bamber, Richard Clothier, Geoff Bell, Tom Byam Shaw, Lindsay Duncan, Nigel Cooke, Sean Cernow, Robert Bowman, Tom Goodman-Hill, Pip Carter, Jérémie Covillault, Pandora Colin, Harry Hadden-Paton, John Dagleish, David Beames, Tom Hughes, Jim Bywater, Philippe De Brugada, Tom Cornish, Laura Morgan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Niamh Cusack, Alex Clatworthy, Thomas Dennis, Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Rory Kinnear, Paul Freeman, Philip Glenister, Mariah Gale, Keith Dunphy, Isabella Laughland, Jolyon Coy, Sally Hawkins, Christopher Godwin, Richard Griffiths, Finbar Lynch, Tom Godwin, Justin Edwards, Rhodri Miles, Simon Ginty, John Hurt, David Morrissey, Paterson Joseph, Lucian Msamati, Richard Frame, Angus Imrie, Clémence Poésy, Ivanno Jeremiah, James Purefoy, Iain Glen, Gwilym Lee, David Hayman, Richard Lynch, Samuel Roukin, Maxime Lefrançois, Madison Lygo, Adrian Schiller, Jordan McCurrach, Patrick Stewart, Caspar Morley, David Suchet, Morgan Jones, David Troughton, Harry Lloyd, Nicholas Jones, Jack Ryder, Simon Trinder, Ben Whishaw, Stephen McCole, Michael Keane, Georg

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