Glen Innes NSW,Harbinger, The,Movie,Horror/Sci-Fi,DVD

"Forget me not."

When her oldest friend is plagued by horrific nightmares from the beyond, Monique (Gabby Beans, House of Cards) is forced to travel to NYC. On the first night of the visit, Monique learns the dreams are contagious and so is the HARBINGER, the plague mask-wearing demon who not only feeds on its victims souls, but warps reality itself to remove any trace of their existence.


Format: DVD
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 14 06 2023
Production Year: 2022
Run Time: 83
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Strong Horror Themes And Violence
Distributor: Eagle Entertainment
Directors: Andy Mitton

Actors: Emily Davis, Gabby Beans, Stephanie Roth Haberle, Raymond Anthony Thomas, Laura Heisler, Cody Braverman, Candyce Adkins, Anita Moreno, Richard W. King, Jay Dunn, Myles Walker, Joelle Woodson, Mwape Sokoni, Qiana Watson, Rachel Braverman, Mal Mitton, Asa Mitton

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