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The Goodies - The Final Episodes


One of the most loved comedy shows of the seventies and early eighties, The Goodies made household names of its cast, Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor, in a show highly rated for its visual humour and surreal take on life. The 9th and final series include Snow White 2, Robot, Football Crazy, Big Foot, Change of Life, Holiday and Animals are People Too all loaded with The Goodies trademark left-of-centre humour.


Format: DVD
Rating: PG
Release Date: 19 08 2020
Production Year: 1979
Run Time: 175
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Crude Humour| Mild Sexual References
Distributor: Madman Entertainment

Actors: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie, Corbet Woodall, Kenny Baker, Richard Briers, Rusty Goffe, David Rappaport, Julian Chagrin, Barbara Mitchell, John Peel

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