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The Adventures Of Jurassic Pet 2 - The Lost Secret

"The most beautiful story of friendship returns."

Wendy is an adventurous teenager and with the help of her grandmother, is the protector of a magical doorway to the land of dinosaurs. When Junior, a baby dinosaur, gets trapped in the human world, Wendy must join forces with her friend Curtis to get Junior back home and save the town from a band of criminals with an evil scheme.


Format: DVD
Genre: Family
Rating: PG
Release Date: 27 09 2023
Production Year: 2023
Distributor: 84
Directors: English
Rating Advice: Mild Themes
Distributor: Defiant Screen Entertainment
Directors: Ryan Bellgardt, Chris Hoyt

Actors: Sophie Proctor, Myles Currin-Moore, LaRonn Marzett, Rahjzae Moore, Carolyn Josephine Wright, Drew Pollock, Ryan Francis, Kelsey Cartwright, David Greyson, Caleb M Frank, Kyle Jacob Henry, Vita Tyan, Rachel Curl, Lisa Fenimore, Tiffany Dawn, Krystal Willis, Angela Soldier, Keylan Marshall, Frederick McEvoy, Kyle Hixson, Mikayla Emmert, Brenda Williams

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