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Take The Leap | Colored Vinyl



1~1~ Now I’M Running
1~2~ Lust For Love
1~3~ Invisible Love
1~4~ Name Of Love
1~5~ Winter In Wonderland
1~6~ God Ceases To Dream
1~7~ Ieya (Revisited)
1~8~ Waiting (Revisited)
1~9~ Neon Womb (Revisited)
1~10~ Elusive Stranger (Revisited)
1~11~ Our Movie (Revisited)
1~12~ Thunder In The Mountains (Revisited)
1~13~ I Wanna Be Free (Revisited)
2~1~ Now I’M Running
2~14~ It’S A Mystery (Revisited)
2~2~ Lust For Love
2~3~ Invisible Love
2~4~ Name Of Love
2~5~ Winter In Wonderland
2~6~ God Ceases To Dream
2~7~ Ieya (Revisited)
2~8~ Waiting (Revisited)
2~9~ Neon Womb (Revisited)
2~10~ Elusive Stranger (Revisited)
2~11~ Our Movie (Revisited)
2~12~ Thunder In The Mountains (Revisited)
2~13~ I Wanna Be Free (Revisited)
2~14~ It’S A Mystery (Revisited)


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Toyah
Release Date: 13 March 2020
Genre: Rock
Label: DEMON
Distributor: Rocket Group

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