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Take A Chance On Rock N Roll

Those familiar with Couch Slut's relentless, raging, noisy style will be pleased to find many of their favorite components of the band's signature sound vividly present and pushed to an absolute extreme. Ripping guitars tearing through riff after riff following a punishing rhythm section that refuses to give you a moment's respite. Scathing vocals suffocating any small sonic space left breathing within the songs. Couch Slut strip away all pretense and focus their power entirely upon exploring new colors and moods within their writing while somehow sacrificing zero strength or energy. Even during tracks that clock in at a slower tempo there is still an unimpeachable intensity that rivals any concept of traditional 'heaviness' and renders it truly weak by comparison. - CD Digipak



Format: CD
Artist: Couch Slut
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Genre: Pop
Label: Redeye/Gilead Media
Distributor: MGM Music

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