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Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital Complete Series

"Where malevolence meets malpractice."

Stephen King presents Kingdom Hospital: the haunting 15-hour drama series developed directly for television by the award-winning, best-selling master of horror. Using Lars Von Trier's Danish miniseries Riget (a.k.a. The Kingdom ) as a point of inspiration, King tells the terrifying story of The Kingdom, a hospital with a bizarre population that includes a nearly blind security guard, a nurse who regularly faints at the sight of blood and a paraplegic artist whose recovery goes beyond the miraculous. When patients and staff hear the tortured voice of a little girl crying through the halls, they are dismissive of any suggestion of mysticism or unseen powers... but at their own peril. Contains all 13 episodes of the critically-acclaimed mini-series!


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Novel - Stephen King
Rating: M
Release Date: 09 11 2022
Production Year: 2004
Run Time: 608
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Horror Themes| Low Level Violence And Adult Themes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Craig R. Baxley

Actors: Andrew McCarthy, Jamie Harrold, Bruce Davison, Ed Begley Jr., Diane Ladd, Jack Coleman, Julian Richings, Jennifer Cunningham, Jodelle Ferland, Sherry Miller, Brandon Bauer, Lena Georgas, Allison Hossack, Suki Kaiser, Del Pentecost, Kett Turton, William Wise, Beverley Elliott, Ty Olsson, Benjamin Ratner, Janet Wright, Zak Santiago, Ron Selmour, Alan Scarfe, Meagen Fay, Gerard Plunkett, Penelope Corrin, Tygh Runyan, Emily Tennant, Bill Meilen, Jim Shield, Paul Perri

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