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Yung Lean releases his new album Starz via YEAR0001. The album is Lean's seventh full-length following 2018's Poison Ivy and includes previously released singles Boylife in EU, Violence, and Pikachu. Much like Lean's overall catalog, the new album feels almost impossibly cohesive. In part, that's thanks to production entirely from longtime collaborator whitearmor - they kept the sessions intimate and secluded, recording partly in an old ballet hall in the Swedish countryside. But this is an album only Lean could make, as a young veteran, with a sound and career that's well-entrenched globally but still doggedly, even perplexingly, on its own planet.


1~1~Watch The Latin Throne
1~2~Wicked Wayz
1~3~How I'm Swangin'
1~5~Country Boyz
1~6~Too Much Lean
1~7~Up Early
1~8~Million Dollar Starz
1~9~Mind Blown
1~10~Flip My Chips
1~11~Back 2 Back
1~12~The Streets Of H-Town
1~14~I'm Just Ridin'
1~16~What U Need
1~17~Tha Purity


Format: CD
Artist: Yung Lean
Release Date: 02 October 2020
Genre: Rap & Hip-Hop
Label: YEAR0001
Distributor: Inertia Music

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