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Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

Imagine a shoreline alone, carved from the continent, without land or water to border it,a rind of possibility, a moon-colored border between land and sea, knowing andunknowing. This is Conceptual Beach, a place John Rossiter, vocalist/guitarist of LosAngeles-based Young Jesus, describes as his long-time mental refuge, where heimagines himself living'like a medieval, stigmata-wrought hermit'all his needs forokay-ness finally met. Out this August on Saddle Creek, their new albumWelcome toConceptual Beachpries our sobs from parentheticals and wields them with a brutalbut tender force. They take these elements and translate them into a spacious groundfor growth, for ourselves, our communities, our world. They affirm that change startswith how we reckon with ourselves as individuals, that we are all magicians, as theclosing track suggests, 'making love and doing dishes,' capable of conjuring newworlds for ourselves, and to live in others'.


1~1~ Main Theme From Star Wars And Leia's Nightmare
1~2~ The Battle Of Gall
1~3~ Imperial City
1~4~ Beggar's Canyon Chase
1~5~ The Southern Underground
1~6~ Xizor's Theme
1~7~ The Seduction Of Princess Leia
1~8~ Night Skies
1~9~ Into The Sewers
1~10~ The Destruction Of Xizor's Palace


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Joel McNeely
Release Date: 07 August 2020
Genre: Soundtracks
Label: Proper/Varese Sarabande
Distributor: MGM Music

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