Glen Innes NSW,Stalker,Movie,Thriller,DVD


"Good friends are hard to find"

In the wake of a messy break-up, Andy decides to start fresh, relocating from Austin to Los Angeles. Eager to make new connections, he befriends Roger, an unusual rideshare driver. But when Roger's behaviour gets too strange for comfort, Andy blows him off, choosing to focus on his relationship with his new girlfriend, Sam. This unhinges Roger, who has no intention of being ditched that easy so begins to torment Andy pulling apart his life piece by piece.


Format: DVD
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 12 10 2022
Production Year: 2020
Run Time: 83
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Strong Violence And Coarse Language
Distributor: Eagle Entertainment
Directors: Tyler Savage

Actors: Christine Ko, Vincent Van Horn, Michael Lee Joplin, Paula Jai Parker, Dusty Sorg, Carla Valentine, Scott Subiono, Landry Allbright, Chase Joliet, Steph Barkley, Steve Sobel, Alex Dobrenko, Darius Marcell, Jongman Kim, Rebecca Knowles, Emma Michalak, Emily Kirk, Donna Pieroni, Sheila Korsi, Grace Marlow, Susan R. Benninghoff, Patrick Gathron, Hailee Keanna Lautenbach, David M Sandoval Jr., BJ Averell, Jason Levine, Cat Zapata, Loulu Nevy, Juicebox, Vassi Hawkins, Nicholas Saenz, Kyle Devorroh, Melissa Greenspan, DeOtis Tole, Mindy Fortune, Sasha Feiler, Thomas Flinders, Dan Savage, Heidi Goldstein, Gay Callaway, Eric Romero, Amy Jones, Lindsay Forbes, Caleb Stupka, Trent Olsen, Jared Hinton, Taylor Hingtgen, Shannon Maguire, Cathy Town, Tylie Jones, Ronisue Kiser, Irion DeRouen, Matt Needles, Monica Debaca, Tatiana Panovich, Ben Brady, Angelo Jayasuriya Guruge, Max Neace

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