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Spinner | Expanded Edition

25th Anniversary reissue of this unique coming together of Brian Eno and ex-Public Image Limited bass player Jah Wobble, also featuring Jaki Liebezeit from Can on drums. Starting life as the soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s ‘Glitterbug’, Eno passed stereo mixes of the film cues to Wobble who embellished and built upon them to construct the ‘Spinner’ tracks. Deluxe CD in casebound packaging. LP includes printed inner sleeve with notes from both artists and download card for full album plus the two bonus tracks. ‘Stravinsky’ is an original Brian Eno track from the Derek Jarman ‘Glitterbug’ soundtrack. ‘Lockdown’ is a new and exclusive track by Jah Wobble.


1~1~ Where We Lived
1~2~ Like Organza
1~3~ Steam
1~4~ Garden Recalled
1~5~ Marine Radio
1~6~ Unusual Balance
1~7~ Space Diary 1
1~8~ Spinner
1~9~ Transmitter And Trumpet
1~10~ Left Where It Fell


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Eno, Wobble
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Genre: Classical Music
Label: All Saints
Distributor: Inertia Music

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