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Sound Wheel

Vinyl LP pressing. Sound Wheel is artist and musician Alison Mosshart?s first solo spoken word album and companion piece to her new printed collection of paintings, photographs, short stories and poetry, Car Ma. It is an album about cars, rock n? roll, and love. It?s an album about America, performance, and life on the road. It?s an album about fender bender portraiture, story tellin? tire tracks, and the never-ending search for the spirit under the hood. Mosshart imagines the auto body shop like some other Coney Island. And America?s highways ? the last great roller coasters. She shows us that the engine on fire is connected to the guitar feeding back since birth. And the sensation of walking on stage and facing an audience is like the laugh before the scream in a car without brakes. Mosshart ruminates that automobiles?with their doors and mirrors and windows, engines and wheels and radios? portray us. Mirror our need to be in or to exit, our inward reflections and outward visions, our lifetimes of tinkering with the mysterious heart. That which runs until it doesn?t.


1~1~Intro - Talk Talk Talk
1~2~Windows Up
1~3~Pink Whip
1~4~Last Pack Of Holy Smokes
1~5~Interlude / Psycho Hwy
1~6~Salt Lake City Drag
1~7~Interlude / In Or Out
1~8~Last Pack Of Holy Smokes
1~9~Cables Galore
1~10~Interlude / The Storm
1~11~The Distance
1~12~Interlude / Oh Say Can You See
1~13~Sonic States Of America
1~14~Interlude / Blah Blah Blah
1~16~Admit It
1~18~Oh Black Shark
1~19~S Town
1~20~Interlude / Chevy Eyes Pepsi Jesus
1~21~Hold On
1~22~Interlude / See Ya There
1~24~Around And Around And Around
1~26~Sexy Pontiac
1~27~Interlude / Horrible Singing Voices
1~28~Let's Start A Band
1~29~Demon Prince
1~30~She's A Trip
1~31~Road Kill
1~33~Sunday Style
2~1~High Performance
2~2~In Between Jobs
2~3~Returning The Screw
2~4~High Horses
2~6~Interlude / Real Real Real
2~7~Eastern Standards In The Wild West
2~8~The Electric Sads
2~9~Interlude / White Firebird
2~10~A Dime
2~11~Little Bottle
2~13~The Daughter Of The American Used Car Dealer
2~14~Vroom Chicka Vroom


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Mosshart, Alison
Release Date: 07 August 2020
Genre: Comedy & Spoken Word
Distributor: Rocket Group

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