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Something To Live For Imprint Collection #199

"Joan Fontaine descends into alcoholism in this classic melodrama from legendary American director George Stevens"

Aging advertising executive Alan Miller (Ray Milland) is a recovered alcoholic who now does interventions on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous, is called by the elevator operator of a residential hotel to come and intervene in the case of one of the guests, struggling Broadway actress Jenny Carey (Joan Fontaine). The two find they have even more in common than their taste for drink. But Jenny wants to put an end to their romance because Alan is a married man, who moreover is the father of two children. How will Jenny and Alan resolve their feelings without destroying Alan??s marriage?


Format: Blu Ray
Rating: PG
Release Date: 22 02 2023
Production Year: 1952
Run Time: 89
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Mild Themes| Mild Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: George Stevens

Actors: Joan Fontaine, Ray Milland, Teresa Wright, Richard Derr, Douglas Dick, Herbert Heyes, Harry Bellaver, Paul Valentine, Lee Aaker, Jean Acker, Ed Agresti, Alex Akimoff, Eric Alden, Erville Alderson, Judith Allen, Charles Andre, Richard Barron, Lavonne Battle, Genevieve Bell, Mari Blanchard, Raymond Bond, Nick Borgani, Paul Bradley, Helen Brown, Ivan Browning, Sue Carlton, Douglas Carter, Maurice Cass, Lois Chartrand, Lillian Clayes, Tom Coleman, Sally Conlin, Robert Cornthwaite, Gino Corrado, Gerald Courtemarche, Dulce Day, Charles Dayton, Marcel De la Brosse, Gloria Dea, Sayre Dearing, Josette Deegan, Jack Deery, Helen Dickson, Don Dillaway, King Donovan, Mary Field, Norman Field, Bess Flowers, Charles Fogel, Ann Fredrick, Susan Freeman, Slim Gaut, Jody Gilbert, Joseph J. Greene, Robert Haines, Peter Hansen, Marcoreta Hellman, Lars Hensen, James Horne, John Indrisano, Sherry Jackson, Jerry James, Dick Johnstone, Kenner G. Kemp, Donald Kerr, Paul King, Barbara Knudson, Al Kunde, Anne Kunde, Jeanne Lafayette, Mike Lally, Jack Lee, Rudy Lee, Peggy Leon, King Lockwood, George Lynn, Wilbur Mack, Paul Maxey, Mathew McCue, Harold Miller, Pat Mitchell, Ida Moore, Mike Morelli, Jimmy Moss, Diana Mumby, Forbes Murray, Paul Newlan, Barry Norton, William H. O'Brien, William J. O'Brien, Patsy O'Byrne, Frank Orth, Korla Pandit, Eddie Phillips, Foster H. Phinney, Jessie Proctor, Jean Ransome, Sally Rawlinson, Kasey Rogers, Victor Romito, Jean Ruth, Cosmo Sardo, Rolfe Sedan, Cora Shannon, Bill Sheehan, Charles Sherlock, Douglas Spencer, Helen Spring, Robert St. Angelo, Larry Steers, Bert Stevens, Hal Taggart, Arthur Tovey, Kerry Vaughn, Dorothy Vernon, Eric Wilton

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