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Scream.. | Colored Vinyl

Vinyl LP pressing. Scream Bloody Gore is the debut studio album by death metal band Death, originally released on May 25, 1987. It is considered by some to be 'the first true death metal record'. Chuck Schuldiner plays bass and guitar, wrote all the songs on the album and provided all the vocals. This is also the only Death album to feature drummer Chris Reifert.


1~1~Zombie Ritual
1~2~Denial Of Life
1~5~Regurgitated Guts
1~6~Baptized In Blood
1~7~Torn To Pieces
1~8~Evil Dead
1~9~Scream Bloody Gore
1~10~Beyond The Unholy Grave
1~11~Land Of No Return


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Death
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Rocket Group

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