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Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It Season 1

"If Love is all about Chemistry, can it be proven scientifically?"

When university researcher Ayame Himuro confesses to fellow researcher Shinya Yukimura that she's in love with him, it sets off an interesting debate. Being the kind of students that they are, Yukimura wonders if love can be proven as a formula. Himuro's first attempt, counting increased heartbeats and numbers of longing glances, seem promising. However, when they test those results under laboratory conditions, re-enacting scenes from romantic manga, the data gets confusing. Especially after they drag in classmate Kanade Kotonoha to act as a control, since when she and Yukimura re-enact the same scenes, much of the physical evidence is duplicated! Of course, that just means that they and their entire research team will just have to try harder! Is love blind? And was it blinded by science? Find out in SCIENCE FELL IN LOVE, SO I TRIED TO PROVE IT!


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Anime, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Rating: M
Release Date: 08 06 2022
Production Year: 2020
Run Time: 300
Languages: English, Japanese
Rating Advice: Animated Violence| Mature Themes And Sexual References| Sexualised Images
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Toru Kitahata, Atsuko Tonomizu, Shinichiro Ueda, Masaki Utsunomiya, Hitoyuki Matsui, Yasushi Muroya, Kenta Onishi, Kaoru Suzuki, Hisaya Takabayashi

Actors: Tara Sands, Billy Kametz, Yuma Uchida, Sora Amamiya, Natsuko Hara, Jun Fukushima, Rytar Okiayu, Momo Asakura, Nichika Ohmori

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