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Resurrection Imprint Collection #203

"There is a line between life and death. Edna McCauley crossed over that line and came back. Now no one she touches will ever be the same."

In Resurrection, an unforgettable story of love and devotion, Ellen Burstyn delivers a tour-de-force performance as a woman who experiences clinical death and returns to life with the amazing ability to heal others. Attributing her powers to human love rather than divine intervention, she begins to aid the residents of her childhood town. After healing a zealous young farmer (Sam Shepard), she starts to fall in love with him. As their affair develops, he tries to make her confess that her powers come from God and not from within. Her refusal leads to a violent climax that will change the healer and all who touch her forever.


Format: Blu Ray
Rating: M
Release Date: 22 02 2023
Production Year: 1980
Run Time: 103
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Moderate Coarse Language| Moderate Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Daniel Petrie

Actors: Ellen Burstyn, Sam Shepard, Richard Farnsworth, Roberts Blossom, Clifford David, Pamela Payton-Wright, Jeffrey DeMunn, Eva Le Gallienne, Lois Smith, Madeleine Sherwood, Richard Hamilton, Carlin Glynn, Lane Smith, Penelope Allen, Ebbe Roe Smith, John Tillinger, Trazana Beverley, Ralph Roberts, George Sperdakos, Bernard Behrens, James Blendick, Vernon Weddle, David Calkins, Harvey Christiansen, Therese East, Lou Fant, Jessie Lee Fulton, David Haney, Claudette Harrell, James N. Harrell, Jennifer McAllister, Don Michaelson, A.G. Mills, Zeke Mills, Edith Mills, Eva Mokry, Edward Pflaum, Elfrieda Russell, Shane Sinutko, Tommy Splittgerber, Douglas G. Jacobson, Joshua Dean Stewart, Ruth N. Straw, Tom Taylor, Brett Lamar Turner, Sylvia Walden, Carol Williard, Tracy E. Wilson, William D. Wittliff, William Ellis Smith, Sally Bondi, Robert W. Johnson, Greg Scholl, Dan'l Terry

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