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Real Genius

"When he gets mad, he doesn't get even? he gets creative."

When a group of crazy college geniuses put their heads together, almost anything can happen. Hold on for a freewheeling, uproarious look at just how much mischief a bunch of high-IQers can concoct. Chris (Val Kilmer) is the top brain who just wants to party, Mitch (Gabe Jarret) is the 16-year-old whiz kid, and Lazlo (Jonathan Gries), America's number one brain, literally lives in a world of his own ... Chris' closet. Supposedly hard at work on a lab project, they still find time to turn the dorm into an ice-skating rink, dismantle a nerd's car and reassemble it in his room, and throw a beach party in the auditorium complete with a lagoon and bikini-clad beauties. When the geniuses discover that their unscrupulous mentor Professor Hathaway (William Atherton) has had them working on a secret weapon for the military, they plot an elaborate revenge. Their plan culminates in an incredible scheme that outsmarts the military and convinces the professor that it doesn't pay to fool with a REALGENIUS!


Format: DVD
Rating: PG
Release Date: 08 02 2023
Production Year: 1985
Run Time: 108
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Mild Impact
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Martha Coolidge

Actors: Stacy Peralta, Val Kilmer, Daniel Ades, Andres Aybar, Louis Giambalvo, William Atherton, Ed Lauter, Charles Shull, Beau Billingslea, Charles Parks, Sean Frye, JoAnn Willette, Ina Gould, Nadine Vix, Gabriel Jarret, Paul Tulley, Joanne Baron, Harry Johnson, Patti D'Arbanville, Monte Landis, Sandy Martin, Severn Darden, Randy Lowell, Jon Gries, Robert Prescott, John Shepherd Reid, Tommy Swerdlow, Mark Kamiyama, Michelle Meyrink, Martin Gundersen, Brett Miller, Dean Devlin, Yuji Okumoto, Lynda Wiesmeier, Penny Baker, Marcia Karr, Isabelle Walker, Marii Mak, Cheri Wells, Catherine MacNamara, John Vasily, Ed Garrabrandt, Isabel Cooley, Robin Stober, Deborah Foreman, David Marvit, Michael Crabtree, Charles Sweigart, Peter Parros, Ronald Taylor, James Carrington, Michael Backes, Corki Grazer, Jeanne Mori, David Ursin, Joe Dorsey, Will Knox, Kevin Hurley, Stephen Douglas Butler, Ev Courter, Helen Kelly, David Monterosso, Joy Michelle Moore, Kimberly Spak, Tom Tangen, Robert J. Woodhead

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