Glen Innes, NSW, Rastilho, Music, Vinyl LP + 7", MGM Music, Oct20, K7/Mais Um, Kiko Dinucci, Alternative


Previously only available in Brazil. Recorded on analog tape with an ear to the production techniques of Brazilian records from the 60s and 70s Rastilho explores folk music textures with a chunky, percussive playing style and a taut energy that recalls Kikos experience in the citys punk scene vivid playing, with rhythmic, resonant thrums. PITCHFORK On Rastilho Kiko Dinucci absorbs the lineage of Brazilian guitarists such as Dorival Caymmi, Joo Gilberto, Baden Powell, Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil - yet filtered through his uniquely punk musical vision.


1~1~Kiko Dinucci - Olode
1~2~Kiko Dinucci - Vida Mansa
1~3~Kiko Dinucci - Veneno
1~4~Kiko Dinucci - Tambu E Candonguero
1~5~Kiko Dinucci - Rastilho


Format: Vinyl LP + 7"
Artist: Kiko Dinucci
Release Date: 16 October 2020
Genre: Alternative
Label: K7/Mais Um
Distributor: MGM Music

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