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Rare Ecstasy 2009 - 2019 | Clear Vinyl

LP Pressed on Limited Edition Color Vinyl, Gatefold Jacket w/ Silver Foil Stamping - Pure X is the last band, has always been the last band. Not that there won't be future acts, more that Pure X understands that all this pageantry, this civilization is wrapping up. It burned hot and bright like thermite used to bust a safe open, but now is the age of radiating waves, each one buckles the foundation more than the last. Rare Ecstasy 2009-2019 is a collection of recordings and rarities that span the more than a decade career of the Austin underground legends. Referred to by Pitchfork as the 'druggy, wall-of-sound escapism that put them on the map'. These 12 tracks embody the Pure X sound, breaking it down and offering up a raw emotive portrait that cycle the Band's expansive output. A must have addition to the collection of any Pure X fan.


1~1~Making History (Inst.)
1~3~Streets Are Haunted
1~4~Crazy Lust
1~5~Please Please Please


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Pure X
Release Date: 16 October 2020
Genre: Rock
Label: Redeye/Fire Talk Records
Distributor: MGM Music

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