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"A work of striking integrity and force"

Anxious about starting at a new school, young Nora (mesmerising newcomer Maya Vanderbeque) would prefer to stay home with her father (Karim Leklou). But despite her nerves, she soon becomes aware that her older brother, 10 year old Abel (Gnter Duret), is being bullied by other kids. This puts Nora in a quandary: should she tell the adults about whats happening, or remain silent, as her brother begs? And if she does break his confidence, what will be the consequences? Or should she take action herself? Incisively observing all events from her protagonist's perspective, PLAYGROUND illuminates just how the conflicts, grievances and negotiations of the schoolyard dominate Nora's worldview. Transposing the neo-realist techniques of directorial forebears such as the Dardennes and Jacques Audiard to the inner world of kids, Wandels gripping film is arguably one of the most truthful, emotional and memorable films made about childhood.


Format: DVD
Rating: M
Release Date: 24 05 2023
Production Year: 2022
Run Time: 73
Languages: French
Rating Advice: Bullying Themes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Laura Wandel

Actors: Maya Vanderbeque, Günter Duret, Lena Girard Voss, Simon Caudry, Thao Maerten, James Seguy, Naël Ammama, Émile Salamone, Karim Leklou, Laura Verlinden, Laurent Capelluto, Sandrine Blancke, Monia Douieb, Michel Israël, Sophia Leboutte, Muriel Bersy, Kylian Decorne, Anne-Pascale Clairembourg, Marie-Christine Georges, Jean-François Ravagnan

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