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Paw Patrol - Dino Rescue - Roar To The Rescue


The PAW Patrol returns to the Dino Wilds for a roaring rescue! Mayor Humdinger is stuck on a runaway Brachiosaurus and a T-Rex is chomping everything in sight! Then, a Turbot family sightseeing expedition turns into a wild ride and more!


Format: DVD
Genre: Animated, Animation, Childrens
Rating: G
Release Date: 16 06 2021
Production Year: 2013
Run Time: 92
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Rating Advice: General Exhibition
Distributor: Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd

Actors: Kallan Holley, Devan Cohen, Samuel Faraci, Ron Pardo, Alex Thorne, Caroline Johnson, Gabriela Milani, Ítalo Luiz, Max Calinescu, Justin Paul Kelly, Sam Solo Brown, Jaxon Mercey, Drew Davis, Christian Distefano, Berkley Silverman

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