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Mulan | Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mulan OST finally releases 4 th September in line with the Disney+ release. This release was planned to be one of the biggest theatrical releases of the year, though due to COVID 19 and the current landscape, the release is going direct to streaming with an increased price point. Christina Aguilera features on 2 of the tracks, with the lead single “Loyal Brave True” released earlier in the year, though the official music video and promotion around this track will commence following the release. We will be running a marketing campaign to support this release across our digital channels.


1~2~Tulou Courtyard
1~3~The Desert Garrison
1~4~Böri Khan & Xianniang
1~5~The Lesson Of The Phoenix
1~6~Mulan Leaves Home
1~7~Four Ounces Can Move A Thousand Pounds
1~8~Mulan Rides Into Battle
1~10~Training The Men
1~11~The Witch
1~12~I Believe Hua Mulan
1~13~The Charge
1~14~Imperial City
1~15~Fight For The Kingdom
1~16~Mulan & The Emperor
1~17~Return To The Village


Format: CD
Artist: Harry Gregson-Williams
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Genre: Soundtracks
Distributor: Universal Music

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