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Slow Pulp's remarkable full-length debut Moveys is a testament to hard-fought personal growth. In the process of making their new record, the Chicago-based indie rock band powered through health challenges, personal upheaval, and a pandemic, all while learning how to be better songwriters and friends. Full of blistering energy and emotional catharsis, this compelling 10-track collection highlights the band's resourcefulness and resilience to come together even when they were states away. As the band was in the midst of finishing the album, Massey's parents got in a severe car accident forcing her to pause recording and return home to Madison and take care of them. A week later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 'I wasn't able to come back to Chicago for a while. How were we going to finish this apart from each other?' thought Massey. With Stoehr leading engineering, mixing, and production duties, the band managed to continue recording in an isolated, post-COVID world. 'Thankfully most instrumentals were already written. Alex and Henry and I were all able to do that separately from a studio space that we rent in Chicago,' says Mathews. As Massey's father Michael recovered from his injuries, the two worked on completing her vocal takes from his home studio, sending them to Stoehr for mixing. 'Finishing this record was such a cool thing to know that we were able to do it,' says Stoehr. Their made-up word 'moveys' is multi-faceted for Slow Pulp. It is an invitation to dance. It is a win


1~1~New Horse
1~2~Trade It
1~5~At It Again
1~6~Channel 2
1~7~Whispers (In The Outfield)
1~8~Falling Apart


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Slow Pulp
Release Date: 09 October 2020
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Rocket Group

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