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When chance takes a hand, it can write the most unlikely stories. Michael Wollny has made more than a dozen albums as leader during his 15 years as a recording artist, but has left it until now to make his first classic solo piano album. When it happened, the act of making the solo recording in April 2020 fell in the middle of the worldwide lock-down. The time, then, to retreat into oneself, a moment when the world has suddenly become smaller and quieter, lost its regular pulse, when the normal and constant flood of stimuli has been cut off, and in which many people find that their gaze starts to turn inwardRemembers Wollny. I was absolutely alone with myself and with the music, and the ideas that surfaced in this situation went far beyond the original concept of the album. Wollny has a story to tell in the album through a series of ingeni-ously crafted and creatively rich songs. All of them deal with the state of being alone; the songs form a single extended arc. There is plenty of tension and relaxation, there are moments that are cinematic, sometimes theres continuous narrative. It is a world which will captivate and enchant any listener from the moment they become immersed in it.


1~1~Un Animal Imaginã© Par Mã©Liã¨S


Format: CD
Artist: Michael Wollny
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: Jazz
Label: ACT Music
Distributor: MGM Music

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