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Megaforce Beyond Genres #21

"Deeds not Words"

MEGAFORCE boasts everything one would want from an 80s action movie. Grab a big bag of popcorn, some beers, and a few like-minded mates and enjoy how films used to be made. Starburst Magazine - ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH FOR MEGAFORCE? From the director of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT and the producer of THE GODFATHER comes the ultimate futuristic tongue-in-cheek action adventure about an elite combat fighting force armed with the most sophisticated weapons science can devise! Their mission: to preserve freedom and justice and battle the forces of evil!Barry Bostwick (THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW) is their swashbuckling, Lycra-clad leader, Ace Hunter, called into action to protect the peaceful Republic of Sardun from the evil mercenary General Guerera (famed Hollywood villain Henry Silva).Tagging along for the adrenaline rush are cult favourites Persis Khambatta (STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE) and Michael Beck (THE WARRIORS).Boasting jaw-dropping stunts featuring missile shooting motorcycles and dune buggies - and the best special effects the early-80s had to offer - MEGAFORCE is crowd-pleasing MEGA-FUN. So, squeeze into your favourite skin-tight jumpsuit and remember, THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WIN - EVEN IN THE EIGHTIES!


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Rating: G
Release Date: 03 08 2022
Production Year: 1982
Run Time: 99
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Very Mild Impact
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Hal Needham

Actors: Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck, Persis Khambatta

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