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Me And The Colonel

"Here's Fun! Danny Panics the Wehrmacht in his own brand of war!"

Danny Kaye stars in this comedy about a Jewish man and an anti-semitic Polish Colonel who pool their resources to escape the Nazi occupation of Paris. Slowly the Colonel overcomes his own prejudices and forms a strong and lasting relationship with Kaye.


Format: DVD
Genre: War
Rating: G
Release Date: 05 08 2020
Production Year: 1958
Run Time: 109
Languages: English
Rating Advice: General Exhibition
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Peter Glenville

Actors: Danny Kaye, Curd Jrgens, Nicole Maurey, Françoise Rosay, Akim Tamiroff, Martita Hunt, Alexander Scourby, Liliane Montevecchi, Ludwig Stössel, Grard Buhr, Franz Roehn, Celia Lovsky, Clément Harari, Alain Bouvette, Albert Godderis

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