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"A mysterious crime thriller set on the sun kissed French Riveira featuring an all-star cast."

When a young gigolo (Pierre Niney, Frantz) falls under the spell of a tantalizing con artist (Marine Vacth, Young & Beautiful), a devious scheme is hatched under the French Riviera's burning sun. In their pursuit of a life of luxury, will the two lovers go so far as to sacrifice the livelihoods of a former movie star (Isabelle Adjani, Queen Margot) and a real estate agent (Franois Cluzet, The Intouchables)? After La Belle poque, Nicolas Bedos serves up yet another intricate romantic saga full of passion, crime and betrayal with by all-star cast.


Format: DVD
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 09 08 2023
Production Year: 2022
Run Time: 136
Languages: French
Rating Advice: Nudity| Strong Sex
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Nicolas Bedos

Actors: Pierre Niney, Isabelle Adjani, François Cluzet, Marine Vacth, Emmanuelle Devos, Laura Morante, Charles Berling, James Wilby, Nicolas Briançon, Marie Fabre, Philippe Uchan, Christiane Millet, Marie Zabukovec, Bruno Raffaelli, Arturo Giusi, Ava Quentin-Dekic, Xavier Thiam, Magali Bonat, Daniel Hanssens, Pascal Garbarini, Charlie Nelson, Catherine Chevallier, Ary Gabison, Geoffroy Boutan, Albert Goldberg, Davy Kopel, Zoé Fauconnet, Louise Ribiere, Rémi Pedevilla, Franck Neckebrock, Sophie Hardy, Caroline Gay, Fabien Baïardi, Kevin Juge, Laura Marcoin, Bérangère Mc Neese, Rachel Bauchet, Valérie Ousset, Alain Clément, Nicole Jordi, Etienne Launay, Cédric Tartaglino, Isabelle Bondiau, Tony Mastropietro, Eric Marcel, Frank Aoust, Anthony Casabella, Joëlle Haddad Champeyroux, Jean-Yves Cylly, Elie Kaempfen, Pauline Sagetat, Julien Croquet, Ludovic Coutaud, Olivier Croizat, Yann Lerat, Jean Vincentelli

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