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Kingswood Country / Bullpitt! The Ted Bullpitt Collection


Kingswood Country - Edward Melba Ted Bullpitt is a conservative, Holden Kingswood-loving, politically incorrect WWII veteran constantly frustrated by the interference of family and intruders into his Wombat Crescent home in 1980s suburbia. From his more progressive-thinking, vague and long suffering wife Thelma, to their sexually-charged medical student son Craig and feminist daughter Greta - who has married the son of Italian immigrants, to whom Ted objects, plus his prized concrete aboriginal garden statue named Neville, Ted's life lurches from one misunderstanding to a chain of humourous events. And then there's the intellectually challenged Rosa, who comes to look after a bewildered Ted. Bullpitt! The legend of Wombat Crescent has packed up the Kingswood, loaded Neville the concrete Aboriginal and moved into Whispering Pines retirement village. Australia's favourite hero, Ted Bullpitt, tries to retire gracefully but can't help plunging the village into chaos and confusion. Along the way we meet Joan Collins, the resident nymphomaniac who's determined to get into Ted's pants, then there's Darcy Kelso, the chemically assisted handyman and the chronically eccentric Muriel and Johnno Johnstone.


Format: DVD
Genre: Australian
Rating: PG
Release Date: 08 11 2023
Production Year: 1980
Distributor: 2663
Directors: English
Rating Advice: Adult Themes| Mild Coarse Language| Sexual References And Drug References
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: Ian Gilmour, Kevin Carlin, Peter Vaughton

Actors: Ross Higgins, Max Cullen, Peter Whitford, Candy Raymond, Vanessa Downing, Elaine Lee, Tessa Mallos, Bruce Spence, Liddy Clark, Don Pascoe, Jacquie Brennan, Deborah Gray, Kirstie Hutton, Lorna Lesley, Shan Jayaweera, Bill Stringer, Colin McEwan, Dahlis Maunder, Robert Hughes, Judi Farr, Kevin Golsby, Brendan Higgins, Peter Fisher, Lex Marinos, Max Phipps, Marilyn Mayo, Linden Goh, Ray Meagher, Robina Beard, Brian Meegan, Stuart Wagstaff, Philip Dodd, John Hinde, Theo Stephens, Ross Skiffington, Ernie Dingo, Peter Callan, Barry Crocker, Danny Adcock, Valerie Bader, Kate Fitzpatrick, Paul Chubb, Kujo, Neil Young, John Clayton, Elaine Smith, Jeremy Ball, Ross Symonds, Joel Croome, Joanna Moore, Ken Goodlet, Shannon O'Hagan, Brad Hill, Oscar Redding, Genevieve Mooy, Dawn Fraser, Anne Fulwood, John Gregg, Stephen O'Rourke, Pat Bishop, Doug Scroope, Penny Biggins

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