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If I Have To Wreck L.A. ~ Kent & Modern Records Blues Into The 60S Vol 2

The second of our compilations featuring the blues recordings the Bihari brothers made in the 1960s. The CD is centred around 11 sides from Willie Headen and Willie Garland. Willie Headen?s Dootone sides have been well represented (see CDCHD 1118), but this time out his great Modern sides are featured. There are also seven outings for Long Gone Miles with George Smith featured on harmonica. The lesser-known ?Before Day (Big Mama?s Blues)? from Willie Mae Thornton?s Modern 45 kicks off with a great bit of chat form her, and a previously unknown Smokey Wilson track is also included. The compilation is rounded off by a terrific Model T Slim session produced by Bruce and Michael Bromberg. Of the 24 tracks, only six were released at the time. Eight came out on extremely limited edition P-Vine CDs at the turn of the century, while seven are previously unreleased.


1~1~If I Have To Wreck La (Tk1) - Willie Headon
1~2~Mama Said - Willie Headon
1~3~If I Can Ever Make Up My Mind - Willie Headon
1~4~Hey Baby(Tk3) - Willie Headon
1~5~You Told Me A Lie - Smokey Wilson
1~6~Before Day Edited Slate - Big Mama Thornton
1~7~Before Day (Big Mama's Blues) - Big Mama Thornton
1~8~Wartime Blues (As Long Gone War Time Blues) - Long Gone Miles
1~9~Gotta Find My Baby - Long Gone Miles
1~10~Little Sweet Thing - Long Gone Miles
1~11~Black Widow Spider (Blues) - Willie Garland
1~12~Address In My Hand - Willie Garland
1~13~Soul Blues - Willie Garland
1~14~Your Too Cold (Tk1) - Willie Headon
1~15~Hot Wire Baby (Tk2) - Willie Headon
1~16~Baby You're Wrong (Tk6) - Willie Headon
1~17~If I Have To Wreck La (Tk6) - Willie Headon
1~18~Somebody's Done Hoodooed The Hoodoo Man - Model T Slim
1~19~Christine - Model T Slim
1~20~Baby Don't Tear My Clothes - Model T Slim
1~21~Rocks In My Pillow - Long Gone Miles
1~22~Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Long Gone Miles
1~23~Low Down Dirty Shame - Long Gone Miles
1~24~Miss Nella Belle - Long Gone Miles


Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Genre: R&B
Label: ACE
Distributor: Rocket Group

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