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I Love This Place

I Love This Place is the seventh studio album by Australian country music artist Troy Cassar-Daley. The album was released in April 2009. Troy has won 37 Golden Guitar awards, four ARIA Awards, three APRA Awards, nine Deadlys, four CMAA Awards, two NIMA Awards and clocked 32 #1 singles during his incredible career.


1~1~Sing About This Country
1~2~Chasin' Rodeo
1~3~Big, Big Love
1~4~I Love This Place
1~5~Down That Road Before
1~6~Ain't Gonna Change For You
1~7~This Day Is Mine
1~8~This Town Is Me
1~9~Country Boy (Lost In The City)
1~10~Bean Pickin' Blues
1~11~Fred Brophy's In Town
1~12~I Love You
1~13~Won't Let The Sun (Go Down On This Love)


Format: CD
Artist: Troy Cassar-Daley
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Genre: Country
Distributor: Sony Music

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