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"Growing up is Hell"

16 year-old Izzy leads an isolated life on a lonely mountaintop. All she's learned is from her protective mom and the wilderness that swallows them. Questioning her illness and starved for companionship, Izzy sneaks down the mountain where she befriends brazen Amber. Izzy is in heaven, until a cruel drinking game with a live worm unleashes a new kind of hunger. Confused and scared, Izzy appeals to Mom for answers. But Mom's secrets are as old and dark as the bloodline from which they're born, and her grip is tight. Nature can only sleep for so long though, and when it wakes, it's hungry as hell.


Format: DVD
Genre: Horror
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 21 09 2022
Production Year: 2021
Run Time: 86
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Strong Supernatural Theme And Violence
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: John Adams, Zelda Adams, Toby Poser

Actors: Zelda Adams, Toby Poser, Lulu Adams, John Adams, Rinzin Thonden, Khenzom, Shawn Wilson, Judy Rosen, Rob Figueroa, Tess McKeegan, John Adams Sr., Tannis Kowalchuk, Jessica Beveridge, Milli Lupinetti, Emily Brown, McKenzy Brown, Patricia Adams, Christine Gould Rodriguez, Ananda Adams, Violet Adams, Sandy Brown, Kia Herring, Caroline Burnham, Amy Gillingham, Mimi McGurl

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