Glen Innes NSW,Grim Pickings,TV,Drama,DVD

"GRIM PICKINGS is a contemporary thriller based on the current best-seller by Jennifer Rowe. Now to be a four hour mini-series for television from the South Australian Film Corporation."

The family gathers at Aunt Alice's place every year to pick apples. The family reunions are always tense but this year the atmosphere almost seems more strained than last. Is this just the usual frustrations and jealousies between relatives and generations or is it something more sinister?


Format: DVD
Genre: Australian, Mystery
Rating: M
Release Date: 01 09 2021
Production Year: 1989
Run Time: 190
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Mature Themes
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment

Actors: Lorraine Bayly, Liddy Clark, Max Cullen, Catherine Wilkin, Neil Fitzpatrick, David Cameron, Brian Vriends, Phyllis Burford

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