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Grand Plan

Charting his changing feelings, acoustic-leaning 'Actor With A Loaded Gun' explores the feeling of uncertainty in new surroundings while 'Work' charts the first moments of discovering new love and 'So Dark' about making new friendships, before the easy-breezy 'Coldblooded' once again finds Dan ruminating on his doubts


1~1~ Yesterday
1~2~ Stay In L.A.
1~3~ Rain
1~4~ Actor With A Loaded Gun
1~5~ Grand Plan
1~6~ Work
1~7~ So Dark
1~8~ Honeymoon
1~9~ Hit Your Limit
1~10~ Coldblooded
1~11~ Surreal
1~12~ Together


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Dan Croll
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Genre: Pop
Distributor: Universal Music

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