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Goons Be Gone

GOONS BE GONE, No Age's number 2 record for Drag City, kicks into gear, takes you out west and gets some dirt on it, with what's possible their most honed in and direct record yet. A guitar/drums duo (Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt) with a penchant for self-recorded samples, No Age are mostly unconcerned with things like space or pause, and GOONS BE GONE is gorgeously thick -- a hazy, delirious expanse that's both comforting and disorienting. Opener 'Sandalwood' begins and ends in murk, and in between Randall and Spunt sputter and twitch and pound, alternately revealing and concealing a sweet, taut melody -- such is No Age's agenda, burying an addictive little singalong in layers of effects and fuzz.


1~4~Working Stiff
1~5~Takes A Break
1~6~War Dance
1~7~Toes In The Water
1~8~Turned To String
1~9~A Sigh Clicks
1~11~Head Sport
1~12~Full Face
1~13~Agitating Moss


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: No Age
Release Date: 17 July 2020
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Distributor: Rocket Group

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