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Gold Record

For his first record in....uh, well, just a little over a year (!), Bill Callahan's given us his first Gold Record. They can't all be gold, and they're not all six years apart either - all good! You could probably call the album 'Gold Records,' too: all the songs have a stand- alone feel, like singles, meant for you to have a deep encounter with all of a sudden, from the start of the song to the finish. And what do you got when you have a record full of singles - and let's face it, hit singles, at that? That's a Gold Record for you. From the top, it's clear this is music with an affection for people, as Bill immediately slips easily and deeply into his characters. Among them: a limo driver, a watcher of television, a suitor, a man in a broken-down car, a reader of books, a Ry Cooder superfan, and in the closing number, a wanderer who 'notices when people notice things'. The voices of the people, with their ups and downs, their loss and laughter. You can feel the love. These are in fact songs meant for other people to sing - but until they do, Bill's got this. He's got a secret on this one, and before we go, we don't mind sharing it with you: he's figured out how to perfectly place his voice in proximity to your ear. It's based on the distance from your heart to your brain. Simple! Why don't more people think like this?


1~2~Another Song
1~3~ 3. 3
1~4~Protest Song
1~5~The MacKenzies
1~6~Let&Acute;S Move To The Country
1~9~Ry Cooder
1~10~As I Wander


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Bill Callahan
Release Date: 04 September 2020
Genre: Alternative
Distributor: Rocket Group

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