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Girls With Guitars Know Why!

A collection of guitar-wielding all-girl bands, drop-dead female frat rock, garage girls and axe-centric she-pop from the 60s. 14 hot nuggets, each one hand-picked with vinyl lovers in mind.Features a bevy of genuine all-girl bands ? namely Goldie & the Gingerbreads from the environs of New York; the Debutantes from Detroit; Florida?s the Belles; the Rums & Coke and Girls Take Over, both from Wisconsin; and Ace favourites She from California, all of whom give their male counterparts a good run for their money. The Belles, incidentally, released only one record ? a killer rendition of Them?s ?Gloria?, gender-switched as ?Melvin? ? before drifting apart, never dreaming that copies of the disc would one day change hands for $500 a pop.Some of the other girls receive help from male colleagues. Glenda Collins, for example, is backed by producer Joe Meek?s favoured house band the Outlaws featuring guitarist Richie Blackmore; Merseyside ex-pat Sandy Edmonds is accompanied by the Pleazers, New Zealand?s answer to the Pretty Things; and teenage trio the Chymes are supported by the Turtles.Pressed on 180g transparent violet vinyl, with a swanky inner bag sporting a fact-filled 4,000-word track commentary and an array of rare photos.Compilation and note by Mick Patrick.


1~1~Love Seems So Hard To Find ?
1~2~Debbie Williams & The Unwritten Law
1~3~Melvin - The Belles
1~4~Thou Shalt Not Steal - Glenda Collins
1~5~Quite A Reputation - The Chymes
1~6~Glad All Over - The Rums & Coke
1~7~Come See Me - Sandy Edmonds
1~8~Boy, What?Ll You Do Then - Denise
1~9~The Rebel Kind - The Chicks
1~10~I Don?T Know Why - The Wrongh Black Bag
1~11~Nothing Can Go Wrong - The Bea?S
1~12~We Gotta Get Out Of This Place ?
1~13~The Debutantes
1~14~Piece Of You - She
1~15~Stardust Come Back - Girls Take Over


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 31 July 2020
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Rocket Group

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