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Girls Go Power Pop!

'Come On Let?s Go!', our survey of power pop gems from the 70s and 80s, was one of Ace?s best sellers of 2019, with critics lavishing four and five star reviews upon the compilation. However, we grew to rue the lack of the female voice on the CD, with the Shivvers being the sole representative. With that in mind, we now unveil 'Girls Go Power Pop!', an entire collection of feminine decks from the 80s and 90s, all delivered with the kind of sassy pizazz you would expect from acts such as the Bangles and the Go-Go?s. Not that you get the expected hits by those fab bands. Instead we feature the Bangles? little-heard second 45, ?The Real World?, which is far more earthy than the glossy hits that followed; and, while you do get the Go-Go?s? ?We Got The Beat?, it?s the scarce Stiff version, which has far more, well, beat than the hit remake. We also have the original Textones? recording of ?Vacation?, a song later taken to the US Top 10 by the Go-Go?s. For those who like to discover more obscure names there are little-known delights from Fuzzy, the Little Girls, the MnMs, Universal Honey and the 'B' Girls, which all bristle with invention and quirky pop appeal. Influences come from far and wide, often harking back to earlier times. Mick Jones of the Clash produced the 'B' Girls? ?Boys Are Drinking?, but band member Cynthia Ross declared 'We were lumped in with punk, but we were pop' ? indeed, their main influences were the Ronettes and the Shangri-Las. Similarly, Nikki & the Corve


1~1~Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
1~2~We Got The Beat - Go-Go's
1~3~He's A Mover - Nikki & The Corvettes
1~4~Hit The Ground - The Darling Buds
1~5~Goodbye To You - Scandal Columbia
1~6~Dream Lover - The Rebel Pebbles
1~7~Just Before Mary Goes - Universal Honey
1~8~Jimmy Loves Maryann - Josie Cotton
1~9~Way Behind Me - The Primitives
1~10~Everybody Loves Me But You - Juliana Hatfield
1~11~Knock Knock Knock - Mnms
1~12~Everywhere I Go - The Muffs
1~13~Night In My Veins - The Pretenders
1~14~Earthquake Song - Little Girls
1~15~The Real World - Bangles
1~16~Boys Are Drinking - The "B" Girls
1~17~Glad Again - Fuzzy Tag
1~18~Too Late To Be Good - The Tuesdays
1~19~Peach Window - Julianna Raye
1~20~Do You Have Fun? - The Photos
1~21~Cruel To Be Kind - Letters To Cleo
1~22~Vacation - The Textones
1~23~That's Your Way Out - The Pandoras
1~24~Lipstuck - Eve's Plum
1~25~I Wanna Go Home - Holly & The Italians


Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 28 August 2020
Genre: Pop
Distributor: Rocket Group

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