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Gift Horse Classics Remastered


In 1940, the Royal Navy is frantically recruiting for WWII so pulls Lieutenant Commander Fraser out of retirement to captain the HMS Ballantrae, herself recently re-commissioned and lent by the Americans to a seriously under-resourced British Navy. Despite an inauspicious start and multiple repairs, Fraser crafts the ship and its crew into an efficient fighting force, culminating in a daring mission to destroy a French dockyard which is crucial to the Nazis in maintaining their formidable battleships. The climax of the film is a fictional account of the real-life St Nazaire Raid of 1942 AKA Operation Chariot - led by a ship very similar to the Gift Horse itself, and celebrated as The Greatest Raid of All.


Format: DVD
Rating: PG
Release Date: 13 07 2022
Production Year: 1952
Distributor: 96
Languages: English, French
Rating Advice: Mild War Themes| Violence
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution
Directors: Compton Bennett

Actors: Trevor Howard, Richard Attenborough, Sonny Tufts, James Donald, Bernard Lee, Dora Bryan, Hugh Williams, Robin Bailey, Meredith Edwards, John Forrest, Patric Doonan, Sidney James, Tony Quinn, James Kenney, George Street, Hugh Hastings, James Carney, Harold Siddons, Harold Ayer, Charles Lloyd Pack, Peter Bathurst, William Russell, Anthony Oliver, Joan Rice, Chris Adcock, Michael Ashlin, John Brooking, John Clevedon, Cyril Conway, Harold Coyne, Lyn Evans, John Gabriel, Eileen Harvey, Peter Hobbes, Glyn Houston, Barry Johns, Cyril Kent, Jack May, Robert Moore, Michael Mulcaster, David Oake, Olaf Pooley, Alan Rolfe, George Spence, Harry Towb, Tim Turner, John Warren, Ann Wheatley, Gwenda Wilson, John Wynn

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